MB – epub Schaetzing, Frank – Breaking News Schaetzing, Frank – Die Tyrannei des Schmetterlings. THE SWARM A Novel of the Deep Frank SchaÈtzing Translated by Sally-Ann Author: Frank Schatzing . enough, apparently, without attempting to cure the fishermen's latest woes. .. Now, that is good news ± I thought they'd died out. of news, just as Hagen, sitting in his Hamburg apartment, is booking flights to Kabul for himself, Krister Björklund and Inga Dorn. From Kabul they'll travel on to .

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Li races for the ship's midget submarines with two torpedoes containing the modified pheromone.

The scientists are trying to stop her and at the same time implement their own plan to save humanity. She is stopped at the last moment by Johanson who gives his own life to detonate the torpedoes and kill Li. Karen Weaver, a scientific journalist, then manages to get hold of the last surviving submarine and dives into the depth of the oceans.

There she releases a dead human pumped full of the yrr's natural pheromone, hoping to trigger an "emotional" response.

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This works and the yrr cease their attacks on humanity. The epilogue reveals that a year later, mankind is still recovering from the conflict with the swarm.

The knowledge that humans are not the only intelligent lifeform on Earth has plunged most religious groups into chaos, while parts of the world still suffer from the epidemic the yrr sent to destroy the threat to their marine homeland.

Humanity now faces the difficult task of rebuilding their society and industry without coming into conflict with the ever-watching superpower under the sea again. The book also remarks on the human inability to thoroughly understand " alien " life; it speculates on the philosophical and religious consequence that the discovery of another sentient species on Earth may have.

The novel borrows some ideas from the Gaia Theory.

It hits on the notion that mankind's activities have created conditions that begin to affect a delicate equilibrium of biotic and abiotic conditions that have fostered and sustained complex life forms and ecosystems.

Publication history[ edit ] The Swarm was a number-one-bestseller for eight months in Germany and has been translated into 18 languages.

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Claims of plagiarism[ edit ] Thomas Orthmann, a German marine biologist and journalist, claims that dozens of passages in The Swarm have been lifted word for word from his writings. On May 9, , it was announced that a film based on the novel was in the works. Teori reverend thomas malthus. Time sync windows app. Chrome for mac export bookmarks. Battletech novel list order.

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Frank Schätzing, Author

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