As pioneers in the automotive industry, we consider it our claim and our commitment to continue this proud tradition and to make the mobility of the future safe. Leadership Leadership Developing Our Future Leaders. A Leadership Training Model for Children. Success in the 21st Century will demand . Developing Our Future Leaders. A Leadership Training Model for Children. Success in the 21st Century will demand skills far beyond the “Three R's.” In his book.

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Empowering Responsible Leaders through. Leadership ETHICS FIRST | Hintere Grabenstrasse 27 ○ ○ Tübingen ○ Germany | Höhenweg 2. In workshops, forums and special events being held on a regular basis, representatives of the Leadership Community are exchanging ideas on how to. Welcome to Leadership We believe Africa's richest asset is it's people. Our focus since has been on developing young leaders through various.

Participants were not told how to be better leaders but instead learned from each other through sharing their stories. Each step of the course asked participants to submit their thoughts in response to a provocation, a challenge, or a reflection.

Each week was designed to span across all days of the week, requiring very limited time commitments. Across the four weeks, participants were guided on a journey of progressively bigger missions that gave them easy-to-implement ideas that they could try within their teams.

The Leadership Quarterly

Leaders felt supported by knowing that their own managers would be doing the same. Throughout the course, similar opportunities for collaboration between colleagues were designed.


Beyond just delivering content in a multi-modal and engaging way, the programme triggered a global conversation where participants from across the world and all levels and divisions shared their experiences, challenged their assumptions and put forward their suggestions to further develop leadership.

Following the principles of action learning, the leaders who participated also practised the new principles, gaining a hands-on understanding of the implications of what they had learned for their immediate working environment.

The programme used a wide range of tools including short videos, articles, discussion questions and peer review tasks that allowed participants to share their experience concerning team dynamics, trust, empowerment and co-operation with the rest of the community.

Leading change through learning Leadership Live brought a culture-changing initiative to all leaders at Daimler.

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Even more importantly, by inviting participants to make their contribution to a global community of learners, it established a new understanding of collaborative learning enabled by digital technology. This high level of participation exceeded all initial expectations as well as benchmarks from other corporate MOOCs.

2019 - 2020 Course Catalog

By embedding the new principles to support a deep and sustainable mindset and behavioural change, Leadership Live created a learning experience that enabled all leaders to turn theory to action.

Daimler was once again in position to lead change, through transformative and groundbreaking learning for all.

The potential leader that is inside of you can be "sparked" by taking the initiative to learn more about being a great leader. How can I convince my boss to let me go?

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Do you need help convincing your boss? Why it matters Ignite YOU!

Nowhere else in our area will you be able to be in an intimate environment with New York Times best-selling authors and nationally known inspirational speakers. What's the deal? Ignite is a one-day leadership conference featuring world-class speakers, incredible peer-to-peer interaction and an energizing atmosphere.

Ignite will get you what you need to grow your own leadership skills or those of your entire team. The Orchard, Tupelo, Mississippi -Ignite starts at a.

I just bought my ticket, now what? Please bring a printed or digital proof of download to speed up the process. Where can I sit?

How do I connect? Share photos, speaker quotes, videos and everything else using the hashtag Ignite What is the food situation?

2019 Activities

Breakfast will not be served, so fuel up before you arrive! Have no fear, there will be plenty of coffee, water and soft drinks. Use this time to network or catch up on e-mails and phone calls!

Do I need money?Shaping change from a leading position By , the world of trendsetting technologies, outstanding products, and made-to-measure services were changing fast. Leaders felt supported by knowing that their own managers would be doing the same. I just bought my ticket, now what?

Deadline for registration is August 16, Inform participants of community opportunities, resources, challenges and needs. To shape this change from a leading position, Daimler embarked on a dual strategy of strengthening its core business and responding to disruptive changes in the industry However, instilling these in a large global organisation was a challenging task, in particular, if a viral approach was preferred to a classic roll-out.

Why it matters Ignite YOU!