Electrostatic Potential Energy. With regard to electrostatics, working with charge current distribu- .. From physics you may remember this useful result. Electrostatics. The Electrostatic Field. To calculate the force exerted by some electric charges, q1, q2, q3, (the source charges) on another charge Q (the. For the electrostatic force we have this new quantity: Charge. Physicists will take the classical physics approach and assign a unit to charge, that being the.

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The basic principle of electrostatics is based on the fact the electric charges attract or repel other Professor D. K. Ghosh, Physics Department, I.I.T., Bombay . PHY Chapter 22 Electrostatic Force and Electric. Charge. Electrostatic Force (charges at rest). • Electrostatic force can be attractive. by several orders of magnitude (refer to Chapter 1 of Class XI Physics Textbook). .. electrostatics, charges of this large magnitude are seldom encountered.

It is a vector quantity and its direction is from negative charge towards positive charge. Dipole in Non-uniform Electric Field When an electric dipole is placed in a non-uniform electric field, then a resultant force as well as a torque act on it. Therefore electric dipole undergo rotational as well as linear motion.

Behaviour of a Conductor in an Electrostatic Field i Electric field at any point inside the conductor is zero. Electrostatic Shielding The process of protecting certain field from external electric field is called, electrostatic shielding.

Electrostatic shielding is achieved by enclosing that region in a closed metallic chamber.

Dielectric Dielectrics are of two types Non-polar Dielectric The non-polar dielectrics like N2, O2, benzene, methane etc. Capacitor A capacitor is a device which is used to store huge charge over it, without changing its dimensions.

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When an earthed conductor is placed near a charged conductor, then it decreases its potential and therefore more charge can be stored over it. A capacitor is a pair of two conductors of any shape, close to each other and have equal and opposite charges.

In series charge is same on each capacitor, which is equal to the charge supplied by the source. The primary aim is to determine experimentally whether the human body is conductor or an inductor.

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Charge is a variable property of matter which is not as easily detectable as others, such as mass. This lab is designed to observe how charge is moved and separated.

Thus, the tangential goals of this lab are to learn about and explain the motion of electrons in both charge separation, as well as charging by induction.

There are two types of charges, positive and negative. Like charges repel one another, while opposite charges attract. Therefore, it should be expected that charged objects can separate the charges in an uncharged object.

NC-1m2 or Vm. SI unitNC Work done per unit positive Test charge to move it from infinity to that point in an electric field.

Electric potential for a point charge: The surfaces on which the potential is same everywhere. Ratio of charge and potential difference. If Vis constant.

This means that the work done is independent of the path followed and the total work done in a closed path is zero. A device to store charges and electrostatic potential energy. Capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor: Capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor with a dielectric medium in between: Q www.


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