I had read a couple books based on the Smallville television series before, and i had really enjoyed them. They stuck closely enough to the story to allow me to. Extensive reading improves fluency and there is a real need in the ELT classroom for motivating, contemporary graded material that instantly appeals to students. Superman created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster ; [adapted by: Jane Revell ; based on the novelization by Michael. Arrival book. Read 9 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. On the night of its premiere, Smallville broke the record for the most-watch.

Smallville Arrival Book

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Clark is transported to the North Pole after he unites the Stones of Power in the Kawatche Caves and uses the Crystal of Knowledge to form the Fortress of. Books & Authors Smallville Arrival. By. Jacquie Bloese. Print Share. in hundreds of meteors hit the quiet town of Smallville. Jonathan and Martha Kent. Twelve years back, the sleepy town of Smallville was hit by a freak meteor shower. It left the survivors with scars and secrets. And it signalled the arrival of an.

This book, well, if you've watched the Smallville Pilot, you already know what the book has.

I was at least hoping for more added scenes or a whole little new story that could have been thrown in there, but that's not what I got. Honestly, I've read better fan As a huge Smallville fan, I want to be able to say that I love this book and that this is the best book ever Honestly, I've read better fan fiction from fans Jul 29, Kirstyn-maree rated it really liked it. A short, easy to read novel.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, and can't wait to read the other books in the series. Oct 18, DoomFist7 rated it it was amazing. This series is so magnificent.

Apr 21, Lynn rated it liked it. A novelization of the Smallville pilot episode.

Smallville Novel Series - Arrival

A sweet and simple re-telling of the original meteor shower and Clark's discovery of some of his powers. Since it's been so many years since I've seen the pilot, it was fun to revisit the story and see Clark and the gang as young teenagers.

It's pretty much a novelization of the TV Pilot, nevertheless, it was nice to go back and remember it. You'll feel a little bit different about Clark here that in the motion series. Here, Clark is more human, more emotional, and definitively better.

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F SMA bk. Just a written version of the pilot episode.

Jan 21, Alcira Tatis rated it liked it. Gleny rated it liked it Jan 26, D rated it it was amazing Dec 02, Davila EichKong rated it it was amazing Nov 22, Alejandro rated it it was amazing Nov 08, Lana rated it liked it Jun 30, Greg rated it did not like it Sep 17, Nicole Khoo rated it liked it Mar 17, Abhinandan Mandhana rated it it was amazing Dec 04, Nick Dale rated it liked it Jul 18, Atlanta Bushnell rated it really liked it Nov 24, Nancy The book junkie rated it really liked it Apr 03, Brian Eshleman rated it liked it Oct 08, Lizzie rated it it was amazing Oct 24, Leigh rated it really liked it Apr 16, Toronja rated it it was amazing Nov 08, Erick rated it liked it Jan 31, Als1r rated it liked it May 20, Smill-Happyloveb rated it really liked it Oct 26, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

While not greatly written, I enjoyed it since I'm a Smallville geek. I read a book, City, in the older series, which I think I'll enjoy more overall - but want to read both series for completion's dork sake.

Weird things I noticed: I know you can be 14 or 15 as a freshman, but I thought the show started with him at The book says In the cemetary, when Lana goes to talk to her dead parents, and does a fake conversation with Clark weird sounding, I know , in the TV show she tells him, "Mom wants to know if you're upset about a girl?

In the book, however, they omitted the guy part and say instead, "Dad wants to know if it's about school. Changed to avoid gay humor?

I really don't know, doesn't make sense or seem offensive to leave it in there, but I guess they over-sanitized. Clark arrives at the Mansion and they ask him to join them.

When he refuses, Aethyr throws a wrist ring off her arm to form the Phantom Zone vortex to trap Clark in it. However, Clark strongly resists; they fight briefly and Clark manages to trap them instead.

The vortex forms into a giant shard of crystal and flies out of the window and into space. As the sun sets, Clark has the choice of taking Lana to the hospital or returning to the Fortress as he promised.

He stays with Lana and his abilities are instantly lost. Lex shows up at the hospital in the Yukon to take Chloe back to Smallville, but also to find out what happened in the caves.

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She first thinks it is Clark, raising Lex's suspicions. Clark goes to visit Lana in the hospital. She is reading a newspaper article detailing the "accidental deaths" of Jason Teague and his mother.

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Attached is a note from Lex stating that she "owes him". Clark asks her if she meant it when she said she loved him.

She says yes and they decide to renew their past relationship. Clark tells his parents that he is fine with losing his powers and will enjoy being a 'human', but Martha and Jonathan are skeptical.

Smallville Arrival book + CD

Lex checks on the progress of the investigation of the ship in the warehouse.This idea became the ultimate story arc for the character in season three, which led to him leaving Smallville. Kara and the Chronicles of Krypton". Abhinandan Mandhana rated it it was amazing Dec 04, Retrieved May 21, Archived from the original on May 6, Season 11 Special — Chapter Archived from the original on July 7, Then the tale fast forwards twelve years to Archived from the original on October 11,