or view it online at the “standard” real estate agreements that compels agents to .. by Neil Jenman. What I love about Neil Jenman is that, an agent himself once, he is genuinely passionate about ethics in real-estate: making sure neither the. Jenman - ETHICS IN REAL ESTATE. 2. downloading a home can be This booklet lists 13 of the worst mistakes made by home-downloaders. It suggests, briefly, how to.

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Questions by Neil Jenman,. Australia's trusted real estate consumer advocate; author of Real Estate Mistakes. For more information, visit This improved version of Winning In Real Estate will show you how to enjoy the Neil Jenman. Winning . The 14 Most Common Mistakes Home downloaders make. TopReal Estate Photography Tips and Mistakes to AvoidTime Out With Tanya TopReal Estate Photography Tips and Mistakes to Avoid for Beginners Real Estate.

Or is that too much to ask? In fact, if your company were to grow dramatically then it will probably have the opposite effect and dramatically increase my business. Jeroen September 2, at pm Hi Peter, Thanks for not answering my question. If I was to use a cliche I would say, Answered like a real lawyer.

You are placing every agent in the same pool and personally I think agents like Robert and others who provide a valuable service to their vendors could take offence to your generalization. We factor in performance based fees and they work fine for us. Although I notice little reference to performance being used on his website. Rather, I provde a comprehensive real estate sales service for my clients for a fixed fee. Why do you have such a problem with that? Educator September 2, at pm Dear Peter, Since you chose not to post my comment on your blog — I thought to post it here instead, if you remember, I raised a very valid point in respect to one stop shops.

I mentioned, they would only be an alternative method of servicing the public and it does not follow that their introduction in Australia would necessarily improve the real estate system or the conveyancing system for that matter.

Enough is said!! Secondly, I believe that the legislation will be looked at, lawyers will battle it out and the whole thing will waste a bucket-load of tax payer money.

And how do real estate agents provide representation when the proverbial hits the fan? Can comeone enlighten me. Greg Vincent September 2, at pm Peter, thanks for sharing this article on your Facebook Page. I had to laugh when I just saw your comment.

Good luck with that. It will be interesting to see how much your traffic drops off to the SLOD. You might have to put on more staff to deal with the extra workload? You might even have to consider putting up your agents commission to cope with the extra operating costs. Welcome to the first section of the level playing field. The conversation kicked on and became very entertaining to say the least..

I can actually see Lawyers real estate becoming a niche solution… but it will be very limited and it will gain very little real traction. I believe that the agents who will feel the most impact from his message will probably be the Jenman agents who also use the message of negativity in their marketing.

Of course I challenged him on this in and as you could probably guess there was not one single fact to support the claim and in the end he admitted he could not prove it.

Homeland Real estate

The claim was as empty as were his accusations claiming the real estate industry was corrupt. I asked What is the percentage of residential property sale transactions that corruption is involved? No Answer! I also asked what percentage of trust accounts have had breaches occurred for lawyers trust accounts in comparison to real estate trust accounts?

This time I got an answer…. Outside of those two cities Auctions are just not that popular. Peter likes to state his opinions as facts and he certainly likes asking questions not answering them so the conversation does not strip his own arguments bare.

Australians in general see though fear tactics and negative marketing.

I suggested to Peter that he concentrate on his own value proposition rather than blaming it on the agents. It simply does not work because consumers are not fools.


When offered choices they will choose the best option for themselves and Lawyers real estate will only ever be one of those choices… I dont think traditional real estate agents of Australia have any need for fear from this model. I even suggested that when the sale of all residential real estate by all lawyers not just Lawyers Real Estate reaches a market share of just a 0. Till then.. Leave the conflict negotiation to the solicitors and the real estate sales negotiating to the real estate agents!!!

There really is a difference.

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David Meadowcroft September 2, at pm Priceless! Peter Mericka September 3, at am I must say, I never realised that my little firm would cause such upset among real estate agents. I have kicked open the door of your grubby little shack, and and I am shining light into all of the dark and dingy nooks. I have exposed the conflicts of interest, the secret commissions and kick-backs, the scams, the lies and the deceit.

But best of all, I have demonstrated that there is a better way to sell real estate. I have generated anger, fear, loathing, panic and worry just by offering consumers something different. The only thing I have not generated from you all is cogent argument about the way real estate is sold, and the way it will be sold in the future.

Your rhetoric and whinging is a gift to me. It indicates that my mere presence represents a threat that you cannot ignore.

I see you all huddling together, reassuring each other that everything will be OK. Greg Vincent worries that all of his study and CPD learning will go to waste. And who will want to attend his silly classes in the future? I then thought how we get our best reads across to you the booksellers and I am generally not satisfied with how we do it. The majors can fly a group of booksellers to hear an old politician extol the virtues of their next book; the booths at Conferences have a knot of booksellers at the foot of those major publishers, we sort of have to hunt the aisles for old friends and force a reading copy into a carry bag.

So I am going to offer our publishers a system whereby a reading copy of suitable books will be sent out with our deliveries. This would be for the next booksellers orders being despatched.

Real Estate Mistakes (book)

They would be identified, as the only other time we did a mass sending like this the free books ended up in too many booksellers returns. At the heart of this is that the best asset an industry has is not the supply chain, it is what is in the supply chain — yes the written word or as I frequently call it — content.

What has changed is simply the diversity of writing and the plethora of content.

I hope I can identify the personal choice awards so as we can send out those reading copies. Last night I attended the Howard Goldenberg event at Readings Hawthorn — huge appreciative crowd — maybe 80 people and Howard being Howard. If you would like Howard to do some in store work please ask.If they perceive relative value they will commence negotiations with a usually unacceptable opening offer.

If I was to use a cliche I would say, Answered like a real lawyer.

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Robert Simeon September 2, at am As an agent this type of business does not offend nor annoy me as the guy is having a go as it would appear that his legal practice failed miserably.

This is a HUGE accomplishment for an office which is not only located outside of the Major capital cities but also for Townsville.

We factor in performance based fees and they work fine for us. Peter Ricci September 2, at am Whether it was the cuts to video but Enzo did not come across as very professional. High point 2. Avoid an agent who does not offer a service guarantee. Be sure to tell the agent how you feel about each home you see.